Jeremy Clark

Regional Director of Marketing at Bluegreen Vacations


Jeremy Clark, currently a marketing executive for Bluegreen Vacations, was previously an accomplished business owner and consultant with almost two decades of marketing experience in the Timeshare and Real Estate Industry. A born leader with extensive knowledge in advanced prospect generation, contract negotiations, financial analysis, leadership development, performance management, and multi-site management, Jeremy Clark has been at the forefront of many successes throughout the course of his career.

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

Abraham Lincoln

Jeremy’s first taste of entrepreneurship came at just 23 years old. With a $1,000 loan from his friend, Clark started a telemarketing company in a youth barn with cell phones and a just few employees. Within 30 days, Jeremy had paid back his friend and moved into a professional office. At this time, the company had over 20 stations and was doing hundreds of thousands in revenue the first year alone. Jeremy took what started as an outbound phone room, and within a few years, built an online presence using developers off an outsourcing website. Over the next few years, Jeremy and his team built out websites and campaigns, custom CRM’s, and created a completely virtual business that could be managed from anywhere in the world.

As the Founder and President of Beauco LLC, Jeremy managed all facets of the company, including 30 seats at multiple locations (20 in-house and 10 contracted), floor supervisors, trainers, operations, sales performance, budgeting, contract negotiations, and marketing core services. Over the next 5 years, Jeremy acquired and serviced more than 20 timeshare resorts in both the US and Mexico. He created a web-based CRM, which automated the entire reservation process and tracked sales stages from lead to lifetime value of the consumer. Having always had a passion for technology and development, Jeremy designed a lead management database called OPC OnDemand which was a virtual sales floor, with live chat between agents, top 10 leaderboard, and complete lead management capabilities. During his time with Beauco LLC, Clark successfully generated hundreds of thousands of leads. Planning events for new home sales, generating more exposure and industry awareness, and increasing onsite sales, Jeremy Clark quickly made a name for himself in both the marketing and timeshare industry.

In October of 2012, Jeremy was hired by Bluegreen Vacations as their Director of New Business Development. Clark’s time was spent acquiring and creating new national lead generation campaigns, developing new local face-to-face marketing programs, and contracting with local hospitality companies to facilitate and grow existing marketing initiatives. After Bluegreen had already gone through 3 Directors of Marketing in just a little over a year, they decided to give Clark the promotion. Jeremy Clark went on to grow their market by 68% and over $35 million dollars in the first three years and exceeded the Net Operating Profit year over year, generating some of the highest profits in the company awarding his induction into the Presidents Club. Other awards included things like “Number 1 OPC Program”, “Highest Net Operating Profit”, “Most Site-Generated Prospects” all out of over 20 competing markets. Today, Jeremy is the Regional Director of Marketing for 11 of the Bluegreen’s resorts that generate through his marketing efforts $150 million dollars in timeshare revenue.

For the past 5 years, in his current role, Jeremy has taken various initiatives in support of market growth. Utilizing technology in support of both communication and education within the company has been of utmost importance for Jeremy. Jeremy and his team have spearheaded the creation of online universities that will allow his teams to reach higher levels of certification. Understanding the importance behind inclusion and building the right team, Clark makes it a priority to deliver consistent and transparent training seminars in order to create continuity. With a new contesting platform in place, his team can not only identify individual success but recognize and celebrate each other’s victories.

Although hitting and exceeding expected results is most certainly a win for Jeremy, it doesn’t stop there. A firm believer in optimization, Clark is always looking to raise the bar. With the foresight to stay ahead of the game and passion for the job, Jeremy Clark proves his expertise and capability, time and time again. Although Jeremy is truly passionate about every aspect of his career, creating those memorable experiences for customers has been most rewarding. And while witnessing his customers experience those moments of pure bliss makes it all worth it for Jeremy, knowing that there isn’t a single day that is the same feels just as good.

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