Content marketing is something customers expect from businesses now. They expect to find businesses on social media and they expect to engage. They also expect to visit a website and learn more about the company and know what they are about.


Content marketing is the best way to build out a body of work that speaks to potential customers and tells them who you are.


It also pulls people into your website, works great with social media, and helps establish a brand.


Content Marketing Is Key to SEO

Search engine optimization isn’t just about following a certain set of simple rules. There was a time when SEO was as simple as making sure you built enough links and made a list of keyword phrases and you could count on any content you wrote ranking well on a search results page.


Search engines have gotten smarter than that now and they want to give the best content to their users possible so their users keep using their services. That means they want to see great content that establishes what your company is about. If you have a clothing company for hikers, having a website full of hiking and clothing content tells Google what your website is about and what kind of traffic they should send to your website.


Content Feeds Social Media

The more great content you have, the more you have to talk about on social media. That also means the more reason your social media followers have to come visit your website. While they’re there, your website should be designed so that once they’ve engaged with your content, they’re interested in looking around your website at the services/products you offer.


Keeping on top of the key trends in content marketing will mean you better know how to engage your customers on social media in ways that work.


Content Marketing Builds Out Your Brand

By writing great content, that appeals to your ideal customer, you’re cluing your customers in on what your brand is about. Your clothing brand has articles about hiking, environmental issues, and nature documentaries. This clues your readers in that this is a website for people interested in the outdoors, and outdoor enthusiasts would be interested in your clothing.


When they visit your website because they’re attracted to content that speaks to them, they then know this is a place they want to be. Once they’ve identified in that way, they’ve identified with your brand. That connection is what branding is all about.