Many people automatically think of marketing as attracting individual customers to your business or to buy your product. This description does encompass a lot of marketing but even more so, you will find B2B marketing or business to business marketing. Especially for technology companies or Software-as-a-Service companies, B2B marketing may be more prevalent than B2C marketing anyway. What are some ways that you can up your B2B game? Let’s talk about it!


Up The Appeal

If your company is selling software or a new piece of technology, the first thing that you need to do before approaching the ins and outs of B2B marketing is figuring out what problem your product is solving and how. Fellow businesses often have a healthy grasp on their needs and it is imperative that you find ways to meet those needs. And set your self apart. How is your service going to be more effective at meeting their needs than someone else is?


Stay Current

Like any marketing effort, it is absolutely crucial that you stay up to date on current trends and marketing practices. Is the shift heading away from email marketing to social media DM marketing? Tastefully find ways to leverage these new technologies to reach businesses as well. Often businesses want to make the leap with a company who has presented themselves as a thought leader in their field, so timely, well-written, and on-brand content can be a great plus.


Generate the Right Kinds of Leads

Within the marketing industry, generating leads is nothing new. But if you want your focus to be on B2B leads, you need to make sure that you are setting up your generation parameters correctly. Be careful to not cast too wide of a net that would rope in businesses that are too large or too small to be effectively managed by your team. Analyze your sales conversions to see what made them stick and then transfer that knowledge over to finding new leads.


Work on Your Pipeline

In your quests to find new and sparkling leads, be careful to not neglect the ones that you already have in your pipeline. With effective tracking, you can see better turnover from website views to contact form fill outs. Or from flyer handouts to website views. Create compelling CTA’s that attract businesses. Treat them like your peers and not just your customers.


B2B marketing does not have to be a science. With some minor tweaks and some intense focus, your business can up it’s B2B marketing games ten times over!