More often than not, people try really hard to move on from a customer service job as quickly as possible. But, maybe your time there is time well spent. Even if your goal is to work on the backend of a company or as a scientist in a lab, there are so many useful lessons that you can learn from a customer service job that will be an asset to any position you move on to. Here are a few of those lessons.


People Can Be Difficult

Sometimes, the people you work with and the people you work for, aka the customers, can be difficult. Nothing shows you this more than a retail job. More often than not you are dealing with disgruntled patrons and fellow employees on a daily basis. Learning how to effectively manage people’s emotions while still performing great work is invaluable. No matter what job you move on to, you will be able to use these people management skills.


Standing Your Ground

We are always told that the “customer knows best” or that the “customer is always right” but that is not always true. Within the retail environment, while you definitely want to provide the best experience to your customer, you also learn how to stand your ground in the face of disagreement. The backbone that you are able to develop in customer service will go a long way in any career.



Often, customer service representatives need to juggle many different tasks while maintaining a good relationship with the patrons of the establishment. Maybe you are stocking shelves and answering customer questions, or maybe you are manning the register and listening for the phone. Whatever the tasks are, you are sure to be multitasking and that is teaching you some very useful skills.


Attitude Management

Those working in customer service often need to display a cheerful and helpful exterior despite what is going on in their lives at the time or what crazy thing just happened. This level of attitude management is such a great skill to have in any position you hold. Spending time in a retail environment gives your attitude and demeanor the resilience it needs to succeed anywhere.


Don’t give up on your retail job just yet! There is a very good chance that you are learning things there that will help you in any profession you choose to pursue down the road.