Videos are great ways of sprucing up your general business marketing strategy. Developing a video marketing strategy for your business can help to compliment your existing marketing initiatives. Research has shown that video marketing is more likely to attract and retain customers to your business as compared to other forms of business marketing. Here is an idea of how videos can elevate your marketing strategy while posting better return on marketing investment.


Use of testimonials

Testimonials are great ways of proving to new customers and clients that the services or products you render are worthy. Videos, in particular, are more effective in facilitating the efficiency of such testimonials as compared to written content. Adding testimonies of previously served customers can help convince new ones, thereby increasing the chances of customer conversion.


Captivating the audience

As compared to text, videos are more captivating and attractive to invest some time to look at. Besides, videos engage more senses of the human body, thereby increasing the chances of being memorable as compared to text. Customers will, therefore, be more willing to view your videos and most probably share them.


Product reviews

When it comes to product reviews, videos are so great in helping new customers understand how a new product works. Taking the opportunity to show customers the features, details, and workings of new products helps a business achieve a better product introduction and penetration. Video-based product reviews have become a major trend, and businesses which invest in them reap more benefits.


Enhanced visitor engagement

Research has shown that, on average, web visitors spend 88% more time on websites with videos as compared to those with text only. Investing, therefore, in the production of more videos accompanied by some text can help attract the attention of your web visitors and retain them for longer. Creating videos of your business’s products and demonstrating how they work offers a higher retention rate, which greatly contributes to the conversion of your potential customers.


Boosting business SEO

Search engines are investing more in the incorporation of videos in their Search Engine Optimization algorithms. Google, in particular, has a dedicated video intelligence API which prioritizes web pages containing video content in its search results. As a business, you may boost your video SEO initiatives by creating short videos with accompanying transcriptions, subtitles, and thumbnails.