Being a successful marketer lies in more than being able to craft innovative and poignant strategies. Successful strategies are not going to continue to be successful if you are not able to accurately report on them and how they worked. Reporting analytical data in marketing is crucial and finding ways to do so in a more efficient and more successful way will help you greatly. Along with finding better ways to report the data that we work with every day, we should also be getting better at managing the data that we have. Which is a lot of data.


Are You Setting Attainable Goals?

One of the most important steps in reporting your marketing data better is making sure that you have reasonable goals that you can report against. Creating a marketing campaign to increase your social media to website views conversion is great but it is important to establish the why behind the campaign. That will help you to use and structure the data that you receive from the campaign in the most useful ways.


Are You Using the Right Tools?

There is an arsenal of resources available to marketing professionals that can help them to compile and utilize the data that they so often receive. There are countless reporting tools, data analysis tools, and even helpful visualizers that can help you to sift through the data that you are receiving and present it in the best way.


Are You Establishing Specific KPIs?

Key performance indicators are so important to establish both for your general marketing efforts and your specific ones. It is not enough to have a general website KPIs; you should be setting specific indicators for each campaign that you are working on. This method will help you to collect important and viable data because you not only have a goal but specific KPIs to report against.


Are You Being Consistent?

Consistency is key in marketing reporting. Determine the time intervals at which you will report on your goals or KPIs. Do you want to collect data and analyze it on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis? Do you want to do all three? Choosing a schedule and sticking to it will help you build better reports and use your data more effectively.


Marketers use of the available data and reporting it effectively will not only help them connect with their organization more but it will set them apart from their competitors. Setting specific and attainable goals, analyzing your KPIs, utilizing the available tools, and staying consistent are just some of the ways that you can enhance your data analysis and reporting techniques.