The dissemination of innovation has been permeating every industry for a while now, and travel and vacation ownership are no exception. Finding innovative and improved ways to market vacation ownership and promote modern sales tactics can lead to increased profits and a more defined and expanded market reach. When approaching this subject specifically for travel, we can talk about a few different areas that innovation can be implemented.


Some may think of the timeshare industry as dated, but that is far from the truth. Vacation ownership offers incredible value to current generations, and by strategically leveraging modern innovations, we can expect to see tremendous growth!


Using Technological Resources

It is no surprise that the internet is one of our most powerful marketing tools today. Being able to connect with people from across the globe in a matter of seconds has changed the way that we market any service. Innovation doesn’t always need to mean that we are using new pieces of technologies but utilizing our existing ones in better and different ways.


Is your company focusing on social media as much as they should be? Learning how to run targeted social media marketing campaigns successfully can be the logical first step to using this powerful tool. Your social media should be the place that you describe your essence as a timeshare provider. Focus on the experiences that you can provide for your customers and the value that vacation ownership can offer them.


Automating Data Analysis

Many marketing professionals are often bogged down in the nuances of reporting and data collection, and in today’s day and age, that is something that can be exponentially improved. Countless innovative programs are available to assist you with these functions and provide you the time and energy to focus on the more qualitative tasks of marketing. By embracing automation and innovation in this way, you have the potential to free yourself up to strategize more effectively.


Loyalty Programs

Every company and its sister boasts a loyalty program but for a good reason. Consumers appreciate the little bit that these companies are giving back to them. The crux of innovation centers around providing a better experience for your customer. Offering a rewards program is one way that you can modernize your customer engagement and provide them with an enhanced experience.


Innovation does not need to be limited to technological advancements and can also include the way you are marketing your company’s focus on social responsibility. The critical thing to realize is that innovation focuses on staying on top of current trends and advancements and finding the best way to leverage these to increase the value of your service to your customers.